FCB Update: Local News 3

FC Barcelona made an undeniably impressive comeback on Wednesday, with a winning total score of 8-0. A major contributor to the high count, walking away after four goals and three assists, is La Liga’s leading assist man as of currently, Luis Suarez.

This comes as great news to Barca fans everywhere, as the team had struggling the past four games, with a recent loss of 2-1 to Valencia. Here the major star players are seen warming up before the game last Sunday, exiting the field very briskly upon losing the match.


From the left, we see Messi, Neymar, and Suarez, all practicing their forward lineup before the Valencia game began to an unfortunate end. However, faith was restored this week, and fans can continue to look forward in the coming weeks to a hopeful restoring of the lineup and climb back up towards the top of the League’s list.

In an update, after Suarez’s win over Deportivo La Coruna, the Uruguayan turned in another four-goal game in the Catalans’ 6-0 win over Sporting Gijon on Saturday. Barca’s No. 9 now leads Cristiano Ronaldo in the Pichichi race by three goals.

(Not my photo: credit is owed to CNN Sports Center. Thank You.)



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