Vamos a La Playa

One of the first things I noticed when landing in Barcelona was the unending presence of palm trees. Coming from a Northeastern city in the states, I am not used to the sight of the grandiose trees, especially in the middle of a sidewalk, but they are best to find while strolling barefoot on the sandy boardwalk, mimosa in hand on a Sunday morning.

The beaches were one of the reasons I came to Barcelona, little did I know that they would not be as fun to hang out on in 40 degree weather, but I still fell in love with them as I jogged by on daily morning runs, and took advantage of mid-day breaks from class to go enjoy a cappuccino at a beachside cafe.

Often, I would begin wandering down to the Parc de la Ciutadella, venturing towards Barceloneta Beach, walking down past the W Hotel, and end up all the way at the end of Bogatell Beach past Poble Nou, where I enjoyed every moment along the glorious tree-lined beaches. It was a cultural experience for sure, as I realized I would never be surrounded by this beachy atmosphere in the middle of the winter. I’ll always cherish the memories made on these beaches, both during sunny days and at night along the volleyball courts where the beer-sellers harass you into explosive laughter with your friends. Luckily, I have taken as many photos as I could find time for during my endeavors here along the beaches of Barcelona.


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