My Monte Carlo


To live atop a mountain, adjacent to a magnificent castle, overlooking endless rows of pearly white and golden yachts, among the cascading waterfalls, a couple dozen feet beneath the clouds, and between the brightly colored rows of endless corridors, cafes, and courtyards, is a dream. These walkways are not only filled with color, but also with life; that contagious buzz achieved on a daily basis due to the continuous cycle of both native and fleeting visitors seeking a glimpse into the very heart and soul of Monte Carlo. Although the roots of culture run thick almost solely within the Palais walls, there still remains a strong sense of heritage that is unweary throughout our tiny town- if you can call it that. Our village is one who’s views are only enhanced by those who come to marvel at them. As locals, we are surrounded by endless waves of people we will most likely never…

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