Good Food = Good Mood

The tapas in Barcelona were notably the most expansive variety of food in all the countries I had traveled to. Some of these places were Amsterdam, Florence, Nice, Monaco, Berlin, Prague, Dublin, and Copenhagen. These foods were more American or “normal” in comparison to the tapas in Barcelona. However, the tapas will be missed by both my family and myself as they really enjoyed their experience in all the restaurants of Barcelona. Enjoy a glance at some of the foods I ate outside of Barcelona, included below.


My Monte Carlo


To live atop a mountain, adjacent to a magnificent castle, overlooking endless rows of pearly white and golden yachts, among the cascading waterfalls, a couple dozen feet beneath the clouds, and between the brightly colored rows of endless corridors, cafes, and courtyards, is a dream. These walkways are not only filled with color, but also with life; that contagious buzz achieved on a daily basis due to the continuous cycle of both native and fleeting visitors seeking a glimpse into the very heart and soul of Monte Carlo. Although the roots of culture run thick almost solely within the Palais walls, there still remains a strong sense of heritage that is unweary throughout our tiny town- if you can call it that. Our village is one who’s views are only enhanced by those who come to marvel at them. As locals, we are surrounded by endless waves of people we will most likely never…

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Upon arriving at the Barcelona headquarters of 8TV, Catalonia’s private regional broadcast station, I was not entirely sure what type of experience was about to unfold before me. Having studied a concentration in broadcast news for the past three years, all I knew was that I was very excited and anxious to learn whatever I could concerning the inside workings at a news station. Any preconceptions I had received beforehand guided me to believe that the 8TV News Program was quite prestigious, which I now know to be true, as my firsthand experience allows me to hold an even higher regard for their work, and the style in which they do it.

I was fortunate enough to receive a complete tour of the facilities, learn about the daily processes, and see the space where the mastery of news editing takes place. Another highlight was getting to peek in on the filming of…

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Brussels & Terrorism: International News A

Where were you when this semester’s terror attack in Brussels took place? Copenhagen, on Spring Break.

How soon after it happened did you find out? Thirty Minutes.

Who told you? My uncle who lives in Copenhagen, whom I was staying with at the time.

Were you scared? Incredibly saddened, but not scared.

These are some of the questions my friends and family asked me upon receiving news of the Brussels bombings claimed by the Islamic terrorist organization, ISIS. It was a scary time, but being closer to the targeted city, I almost felt safer because I knew more about the situation. The media coverage was clearer, more accurate, less threatening, and simply to the point. This made it possible to view the circumstances and course of events with a more secure idea of the true threat. Although it should be taken seriously, the situation cannot affect the lives of those throughout the world simply due to unwarranted fear of sudden terrorism. Although we must mourn and pray for the victims and their families, it is in the face of fear where we need to remain the strongest.

Prior to coming abroad, I was quite concerned with the number of fellow students who agreed to forget their plans, cancel their flights, lose their deposit money for various study abroad programs, and drop out entirely. They did this due to terrorism, which has become a more eminent and realistic threat to myself and fellow students while studying abroad in Europe. However, our parents did not convince us to stay home in the wake of last year’s attacks in Paris, but rather they argued that we should not let any such fear hold us back in our lives’ endeavors. For their encouragement and guidance, I am very thankful, as I would not have experienced such an incredible journey had I decided to hold back due to fear.

We must instead revel in the joy that is our lives, and accept the past in order to embrace the present while looking forward to the future. Below are posted some of the photos taken that day that will remind me to take advantage of life for those who no longer obtain the fortune to do so. In memory of those lost in the Brussels bombings, I dedicate the following slideshow of 35 photographs to the 35 people who passed that day.

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FCB Update: Local News 3

FC Barcelona made an undeniably impressive comeback on Wednesday, with a winning total score of 8-0. A major contributor to the high count, walking away after four goals and three assists, is La Liga’s leading assist man as of currently, Luis Suarez.

This comes as great news to Barca fans everywhere, as the team had struggling the past four games, with a recent loss of 2-1 to Valencia. Here the major star players are seen warming up before the game last Sunday, exiting the field very briskly upon losing the match.


From the left, we see Messi, Neymar, and Suarez, all practicing their forward lineup before the Valencia game began to an unfortunate end. However, faith was restored this week, and fans can continue to look forward in the coming weeks to a hopeful restoring of the lineup and climb back up towards the top of the League’s list.

In an update, after Suarez’s win over Deportivo La Coruna, the Uruguayan turned in another four-goal game in the Catalans’ 6-0 win over Sporting Gijon on Saturday. Barca’s No. 9 now leads Cristiano Ronaldo in the Pichichi race by three goals.

(Not my photo: credit is owed to CNN Sports Center. Thank You.)


Vamos a La Playa

One of the first things I noticed when landing in Barcelona was the unending presence of palm trees. Coming from a Northeastern city in the states, I am not used to the sight of the grandiose trees, especially in the middle of a sidewalk, but they are best to find while strolling barefoot on the sandy boardwalk, mimosa in hand on a Sunday morning.

The beaches were one of the reasons I came to Barcelona, little did I know that they would not be as fun to hang out on in 40 degree weather, but I still fell in love with them as I jogged by on daily morning runs, and took advantage of mid-day breaks from class to go enjoy a cappuccino at a beachside cafe.

Often, I would begin wandering down to the Parc de la Ciutadella, venturing towards Barceloneta Beach, walking down past the W Hotel, and end up all the way at the end of Bogatell Beach past Poble Nou, where I enjoyed every moment along the glorious tree-lined beaches. It was a cultural experience for sure, as I realized I would never be surrounded by this beachy atmosphere in the middle of the winter. I’ll always cherish the memories made on these beaches, both during sunny days and at night along the volleyball courts where the beer-sellers harass you into explosive laughter with your friends. Luckily, I have taken as many photos as I could find time for during my endeavors here along the beaches of Barcelona.

This will make you hungry

Throughout my stay abroad, I delved into many new dishes. Some were incredibly delicious, and some took my taste buds by shock. From tripe (cow intestines) to fois gras, ceviche, and octopus… I really went for quite a wild ride when it comes to trying new foods, which was something I had never truly felt compelled to do prior to coming abroad. Below are some of the meals I enjoyed in Barcelona.